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We invite you to take the opportunity to create your own account, where registered users have the opportunity to:

  • orders, including pending
  • to view prices, availability and product availability forecasts for the next days
  • use a number of promotions available only by ordering over the web
  • create a list of your favorite products
  • to view previous orders
  • check the status of orders, and bill of lading number and telephone to the shipper.

Edit data of your company can be found under My Profile. In this tab, you also have the ability to change the shipping data, add new addresses, check the current price caps and marketing net and set their preferences regarding, among others, mode of delivery and payment or receive notifications.

To facilitate effective use of all features of the site, we have created a tab Help and Guidance Video.

All of these options and many other features available on the site, created especially for our Clients. Their goal is to facilitate your use of the website and the freedom to manage your account.

ARTBHP.PL Portal portal has been created to our customers in a very quick and professional way they could present their offer on the Internet. It allows your customers to read on-line products from the offer by browsing your photos, product descriptions, sending inquiries, as well as procurement.

Using also makes it possible, depending on the version:

  • create a unique site, due to, among others, Site color choices, amount and type of goods being displayed, and add their own products
  • modify at prices manually or automatically, with the addition of a certain margin, which is calculated always from the basic -providing a given product,
  • easy data exchange with other systems, due to export data to CSV files, EDI, and excel
  • configure AD maps
  • automatic synchronization of news and promotions
  • and many other options!
  • The ability to create their own subdomain for quick and easy search of your company on the Internet!

    We invite you to test your site .

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Map AD

The company, which will become our Authorized Distributor has the opportunity to put their data on a map Authorized Distributors, thus customers even easier and faster to find your store. The trip how to become our Authorized Distributor will find your tab Authorized Distributor.

For details of the company were visible on the map, the tab fill out the form data distribution address data. The range of visibility depends on your monthly net turnover, the greater the turnover the greater the range. Easy to set up an entry can put there any information about your company.

Authorized Distributor

Each company can receive title Authorized Distributor our company! Just one month get a turnover in excess of 3500 PLN. net and commit that purchased products will be held for resale. Moreover, regardless of the size of their purchases, this status is maintained for three consecutive months.

Authorized Distributor also receives full and continuous access to the site version Diamond, regardless of the interval between purchases, and can be seen on a specially created website , allowing access to your company will be even simpler.


Thanks to the website, you can quickly and conveniently view prices and download current price lists for all our products. The price list is available in three formats: txt, html, xls. Additionally for each product displayed EAN code, which you can use in your storage system.


Electronic Data Interchange gives you the ability to import data from invoices to your system. In this way, you save time and eliminate tedious manual data entry. The invoice is available for download as a file "EPP" This format is used in most commercially available storage programs.

The swap file data is also available on the site which will facilitate orders received from your customers to their own systems.


CSV files make it possible to generate data about the product, and their fast import to many modern ERP systems, so that on a regular basis, you can synchronize the information on their own sites. CSV file further comprises: indicating the sources of photos for download, the basic price of the product and EAN codes.

With the exercise of the CSV files no longer need you to rewrite product descriptions and spend a few hours on the introduction of new products into their systems, gain free time and you limit unnecessary errors associated with these activities!


To meet the expectations of our customers we have partnered with a company HAFTRA, which is engaged in making embroidery, digital printing and screen prints.

The company makes embroideries and prints on finished products such. T-shirts, caps, sweatshirts, clothing, as well as blanks. Embellishment can be made virtually all fabrics in a wide range of colors and designs.

The company has a lot of embroidery machines, among others, best brand Tajima (over 100 heads), screen printing machine (M & R), plotter (Mimaki, Mutoh) and large-format presses.

With its unique overprint in an easier way, you can promote your business or specific product. The company HAFTRA offers very favorable prices for its services and many attractive promotions. Prices embroidery are set individually for each order.

If you have any questions regarding images please contact the company HAFTRA tel./fax. +48 46 814 05 01.

Read the information about the techniques of decorating

Instructions and statements

Especially for your convenience we have created , which allows quickly and very easily view and print instructions and declarations purchased by your products. Simply enter the number and date of invoice VAT and the VAT code. have access to current documents 24 hours a day!

Internet Document Repository (iRD)

On page you receive full access to their settlements depicting the accounting documents, the resulting obligations, payments and balances of individual settlements.

An important feature is to inform about the balance of the total with the possibility to choose the form of settlement of any overpayment (through its compensation or return of the designated bank account).

On this website you have access to images of accounting documents (invoices) in PDF format and the opportunity to obtain duplicate invoices you need.

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