Obligations on sellers of safety articles

Did you know that from April 21, 2018 you have new responsibilities?

From now on, before you can provide an individual protection measure, you first need to check:

  • whether she has a CE marking
  • are accompanied by the required documents and instructions and information specified in Annex II, point 1.4 of Regulation 2016/425, i.e. you have to check a number of required information:

    Instructions must contain all relevant information about:

    • manufacturer's name and address;
    • instructions for storage, use, cleaning, maintenance, operation and disinfection and the cleaning, preservative and disinfection products recommended by the manufacturer must not adversely affect PPE or user when used in accordance with the relevant instructions;
    • the effectiveness of the PPE observed during the relevant technical tests to check the level or class of protection;
    • if applicable, accessories that can be used with PPE and the characteristics of the relevant spare parts;
    • if applicable, protection classes adapted to the different levels of danger and associated restrictions on use;
    • if applicable, month and year of expiry or expiry date of PPE or some of its components;
    • if applicable, the type of packaging suitable for transport;
    • the meaning of any markings;
    • threats to which PPE is supposed to protect;
    • references to Regulation 2016/425 and, where applicable, references to other provisions of Union harmonization legislation;
    • name, address and identification number of the body or notified bodies involved in the conformity assessment of PPE;
    • references to the relevant harmonized standards used, including the date of adoption of the standards (s) or references to other technical specifications used;
    • the website address on which you can access the EU Declaration of Conformity. "

  • whether the manufacturer has placed on the product a type name, lot or series number or other information identifying the product, and whether the producer and in the case of imported products from outside the EU also the importer, put his name, registered trade name or registered trade mark and postal address
  • in addition, you must ensure that the storage and transport conditions do not jeopardize their compliance with the requirements of the Regulation and, upon request from the competent national authority, provide him with the documentation and all information necessary to demonstrate compliance.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us and our experts will provide you with any information!

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