Rainproof clothing

ProductSizeColourTypeDescriptionTkaninaPasy odblaskoweNormsLineBrandFor industries
l ÷ 3xl

Rain jacket with hood. • 65% PVC, 35% polyester • with zip fastener and additional snap fastening • hood with lacing • two outside pockets • welt in sleeves, protecting against wind • ventilation system on the back70% PVC, 30% polyester
m ÷ 3xl

Rain set including trousers and jacket. • 100% polyester/PVC • packed in a bag which can be used to transport other items30% PVC, 70% polyester
m ÷ 3xl
Anti-rain set which consists of jacket and dungarees. • 35% PVC, 65% polyester • packed into comfortable (for the purpose of transportation) bag with straps and additional hanger35% PVC, 65% polyester
m ÷ 6xl

High quality rainproof set made of elastic material (highly resistant). • made PU/PCV • thickness: 0.50 mm • polyester padding • elastic and that is why it does not limit any motion and ensures high liberty and comfort during use65% polyurethane containing PVC, 35% polyester
m ÷ 3xl

Anti-rain suit which consists of jacket and trousers reaching the waist level • 65% polyester, 35% PVC • packed into pack that may be used for the transportation of other objects30% PVC, 70% polyester
m ÷ 3xl

Rain jacket with hood. • 100% polyester/PVC • with zip fastener and extra snaps, lacing at the bottom • hood zipped in the collar, with laces • two pockets covered by laps30% PVC, 70% polyester
m ÷ 3xl
Rain jacket with reflective stripes. • coating: 100% polyester oxford coated with polyurethane • reflective stripes 3M Scotchline brand - two on each sleeve and on jacket, increasing visibility100% 300D polyester oxford coated with polyurethane
m ÷ 3xl
Rain trousers with reflective stripes. • coating: 100% polyester oxford coated with polyurethane • reflective stripes 3M Scotchline brand - two on each leg bottom increasing visibility.100% 300D polyester oxford coated with polyurethane

Rain coat poncho type • 100% PVC • rims replacing sleeves snap fastened, protecting against wind blows • hood combined with coat • perfect for rainy weather, when freedom of movement is required100% pvc

Poncho type anti-rain cloak. • 100% polyethylene • lists instead of sleeves, they reach the elbow • hood connected with cloak • ideal for rainy weather when you need to have libery of movements • each piece packed into the separate bag100% polyethylene

Rainproof jacket with hood. • 100% polyethylene • sleeve length of 81 cm finished with ribbed cuff • pulled over the neck • each piece packed into the separate bag • they meet requirements of EN343 standard100% polyethylene
l ÷ 3xl

Rain dungarees. • 65% PVC, 35% polyester • possibility of length regulation with braces, which have additional elastic band in the back • possibility of width regulation with snaps on the waist in the back70% PVC, 30% polyester
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